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The Upside Down: Post-Pandemic Pharma Marketing

April 15, 2020

Last week, scientists in Antarctica deduced that they may have discovered an alternate universe in which everything is backwards; a real-world upside down. Normally this would be groundbreaking news, but it feels pretty par-for-the-course in our topsy-turvy pandemic world. Everything  feels turned upside down—including healthcare marketing.

But our new ways of life, post-pandemic, won’t be the product of another big bang. Whether it’s increased demand for virtual care or more fervent beliefs about corporate social responsibility, the new means of marketing will stem from long-simmering issues and well-known inefficiencies, brought to a boil by an unprecedented global health crisis.

So: which new norms must you plan for, once stranger times and things are past us? Heartbeat President, Nadine Leonard, gives PM360 the keys to post-pandemic success.

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