Point of Care Everywhere

November 9, 2018

Healthcare isn’t feeling too hot right now. The largest subset of the patient population—the Baby Boomer—is getting older and significantly sicker, requiring much more care and cost to treat. They’re also less adherent, lack health literacy, and have no connection to their physicians between appointments. It’s no wonder we’re seeing a drastic shift in reimbursement models to reward effective and efficient health results (and penalize the opposite)—a situation that’s causing no shortage of stress and headaches.

Fact is, healthcare can no longer just be about prescribing the right treatment. What happens at the point-of-care—consultation, diagnosis, Rx—isn’t enough anymore. Care must be extended everywhere, and it’s actually pharma marketers that are uniquely equipped to make it happen… with the tiny added benefit of amplifying their own brands, strengthening patient adherence, and gaining a smidge of a competitive advantage 😉

In our latest POV for MM&M Magazine, we take an in-depth look at how what happens after the prescription is written is now just as important as the treatment that’s prescribed, and the vital role marketers must play in this new extension of point-of-care. Check it out now on MMM-online:

Point of Care Everywhere