Heartbeat & Genentech Marketing Team Named to PM360 ELITE 100

May 24, 2018

Heartbeat & Genentech Multiple Sclerosis HCP Marketing Team Named to 2018 PM360 ELITE 100

New York, May 24, 2018 — PM360, one of the premier information resources for healthcare marketers, has named the Genentech Multiple Sclerosis HCP Marketing team and agency partner Heartbeat to the 2018 PM360 ELITE 100, in the “Marketing Team” category.

The Genentech & Heartbeat teams partnered to launch the company’s breakthrough multiple sclerosis (MS) treatment, OCREVUS, this past year.

Launched in March 2017, OCREVUS was poised for success, as the new MS treatment offered superior clinical and subclinical data that significantly outperformed current platform therapy. Additionally, it would be the first-ever treatment in the primary progressive form of the disease. It would also face obstacles, however: neurologists had established long-entrenched treatment habits; it was the 14th product in a crowded MS market; and Genentech had a limited history in the MS community. Despite those obstacles, by the end of 2017, OCREVUS was widely recognized as one of the most successful launches of the year by numerous publications, and was considered the most successful launch in Genentech’s history.

The PM360 ELITE Awards were established in 2015 to recognize individuals who have made a significant impact to the healthcare industry. More than 500 submissions were received and nominees were evaluated based on their accomplishments, peer testimonials, and supporting evidence that reflects the impact of their efforts. This is the first award win for the Heartbeat & Genentech OCREVUS HCP Marketing partnership. The success of OCREVUS has also led to the treatment being named as a Pharmaceutical Executive magazine 2018 Brand of the Year.

“From the life-changing benefits OCREVUS can bring to MS patients, to the unbreakable partnership forged between the Heartbeat & Genentech MS Marketing teams, this launch is exactly why we love healthcare marketing,” said James Talerico, Managing Director and Executive Creative Director of Heartbeat. “We’re grateful to have had the opportunity to partner with Genentech and the brilliant OCREVUS team to do such good, while doing so much good.”

ELITE Award winners were profiled in PM360’s May 2018 issue, and can be seen online at Genentech & Heartbeat will be honored with other ELITE 100 recipients at a celebratory event on July 10th in New York City.

About Heartbeat
Heartbeat is a full-service agency for healthcare Challenger Brands. Challengers are playing a high-stakes game—they must battle behemoth market leaders, upend ingrained treatment habits, or transform a “me-too” product into “yes-please.”

The agency is known for serving up distinctive strategies and differentiating approaches, ensuring a client’s market position is uniquely owned. They house strategy, creative, media, and technology under a single roof for the tightest, most integrated campaigns possible. And Heartbeat looks to understand and extract maximum value from every dollar spent, constantly—all the necessary elements for Challengers to triumph.

That’s the philosophy, here are the creds: 200 employees between NYC & LA; 6 agency leaders with a decade+ of tenure; a pile of awards from the likes of the Mannys, MM&M, OMMA, and Clio, not to mention an Agency of the Year nom to boot; and led by a Managing Director who dared to be quoted as follows: “We celebrate people who stand up and say, ‘You know what? This is dumb.'” Damn straight.

For more information about Heartbeat, please contact Jared Watson at or 646.701.6240.