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The Keys to Point of Care Marketing

January 19, 2018

The Point of Care space is teeming with opportunity, and healthcare advertisers looking to inject their brand’s message directly into the patient-doctor conversation are starting to take notice. How do we take advantage of this vast opportunity in 2018 and beyond?

Heartbeat Managing Director, Nadine Leonard, joins an array of industry experts asked by PM360 magazine to examine the Three Key Questions About Point of Care. See where pharma marketers need to be focusing their attention in this month’s Focus On POC Marketing.

PM360 Focus On:
Three Key Questions About Point of Care >>

And if you need help navigating the POC waters, Heartbeat’s O3 practice — Outcome Optimization Opportunities — is here to help. We’re empowering clients to realize the untapped potential of EHRs in creating customer engagement opportunities that guide patients, HCPs, and health systems — together — to better outcomes. Just hail Heartbeat’s POC Captain (a.k.a. SVP, Group Account Director), Hudson Plumb, to learn more.