The Problem with Predicting the Future

June 29, 2017

Check these sample stats:

– Half of all 2016 doctor-patient interactions were technology-enabled
– Mobile search has surpassed desktop search for health-related information
– 60% of articles shared on social media are never read by the sender
– The VR market grew by 168% in 2016, to $5B

Pretty interesting, industry-shifting stuff, huh? But will they lead to any impact on healthcare advertising whatsoever? Not necessarily, and good luck trying to figure out which ones will matter for your pharma promotional decisions.

Problem is, predicting the future is just plain, old hard. You’ll drive yourself crazy trying to anticipate which of these trends will matter most, but Heartbeat Professor… we mean Chairman… Bill Drummy is already fairly nutty, and has a knack for prognostication, so we put him on the case instead.

In his latest article for Pharmaceutical Executive, Bill takes a look at the epochal tech disruptions all around us and decodes if, and how, each will impact the healthcare marketing landscape.

Find it here on PharmExec.com:

Decoding the Disruption: Making Meaningful Marketing out of Top Trends

Source: Pharmaceutical Executive Magazine
Date Published: June 2017