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Trump vs. Obama: Internet Privacy

May 5, 2017

Internet privacy is a big deal. Not many people want their Google rabbit hole searches to go public. But many of us have also likely found it helpful to be served an ad or content based on our interests (lookin’ at you, Facebook). That’s the personal side; on the business side, such data is powerful — internet service providers, tech companies and marketers are always looking for ways to target their customer more, and more precisely, to grow their business.

So when the Trump administration repeals Obama-era legislation that protected internet privacy and restricted access to consumer data, it’s the kind of news that every marketer should review.

But just in case you didn’t, Heartbeat’s got your back. What happened? And what does it all really mean? Our latest POV is far from private (just click below!), and it answers all of your Internet Privacy questions:

Heartbeat POV | Internet Privacy, Pharma, and Advertising: What it Means (and Doesn’t Mean) for You

Date Published: May 2017