Heartbeat Accumulates 15 New Award Honors, Including MANNY Awards Agency of the Year Nomination and Best Professional Campaign Win

April 26, 2017

New York, April 25, 2017 — Leading healthcare marketing agency, Heartbeat, has accumulated fifteen new award honors through the early part of 2017. The early-year awards surge culminated at last week’s MANNY Awards ceremony where the company was named a finalist in three categories, including Best Interactive Physician Campaign and Best Professional Campaign for its “The Naked Truth” multi-channel campaign for XenoPort’s Horizant, and Agency of the Year Category II.

“The Naked Truth” has been one of Heartbeat’s most critically acclaimed and highly decorated campaigns to date, having amassed eight award honors in major competitions since late 2016, including the aforementioned MANNY Awards’ Best Professional Campaign win and Best Interactive Physician Campaign nomination, a DTC National Ad Award for Best Branded Campaign, and a W3 Award for Best Integrated Campaign. The work features powerful, evocative visuals – haunting imagery used throughout paid media placements, print materials, and the Horizant website to exemplify patients’ suffering from Postherpetic Neuralgia (PHN).

In addition to creating this year’s best HCP campaign, Heartbeat continues to gain industry praise for its provocative consumer campaigns.

“Augmentation,” Heartbeat’s consumer campaign for the Restless Legs Syndrome (RLS) indication of XenoPort’s Horizant has garnered six award honors since late 2016, including 3 DTC National Ad Award finalist nominations and an IAC Award for Best Healthcare Integrated Ad Campaign. The 360-degree, multi-channel campaign is anchored by an innovative, animated TV spot, surrounded by a coordinated, multi-platform campaign, and communicates a serious potential side-effect of some RLS treatments.

Heartbeat’s “ON IT” campaign for AstraZeneca’s Bydureon, a non-insulin diabetes treatment, also received multiple industry awards in 2017. The campaign, which was also headlined by a TV spot, along with online videos featuring TV personality “Dr. Phil” McGraw, received an IAC Award for Outstanding Integrated Ad Campaign and three DTC National Ad Award nominations, including Bronze in the Best Use of Celebrity in a Campaign category.

Other praise for Heartbeat stemmed from its on-going relationship with biopharmaceutical company, Sunovion. Campaigns for Brovana, a long-acting COPD maintenance treatment, and ProFile, an online physician resource for all Sunovion products, have gathered an incredible 11 award honors since mid-2016. The awards include an eHealthcare Leadership Award (Best Site Design,, PM360 Pharma Choice Award (Best Consumer Website,, and MM&M Award (Best Branded Website for Healthcare Professionals, ProFile).

Heartbeat Managing Director and Executive Creative Director, James Talerico, said of Heartbeat’s recent industry acknowledgement, “As we push the boundaries of creative healthcare communication – and ourselves – in our work every day, it’s invigorating and affirming to be recognized by our peers. But it’s most fulfilling to see how our work helps the brands and the audiences we serve together with our clients.”

Award season is still in full swing and Heartbeat is hopeful for additional recognition through the rest of 2017.

About Heartbeat
Founded in 1998, Heartbeat is the digitally-native, full-service, Consumer & HCP AOR leader for Challenger Brands. Challengers are brands that are breaking new ground or entering highly competitive environments and thus need a decidedly different approach to breakthrough and have market impact. We help brands overcome the odds and exceed their business goals by outsmarting, outworking, and outperforming the competition with unexpected strategies, daring creative, innovative solutions, faster processes, and a scrappy mentality.

Heartbeat’s experience spans both Consumers and Healthcare Professionals, and runs the gamut of therapeutic categories with particularly rich expertise in oncology, immunology, cardiology, endocrinology, neurology, and women’s & men’s health.

Heartbeat is comprised of nearly 200 employees between our offices in midtown Manhattan and Santa Monica, California. And as a proud member of Publicis Health, we are also connected to over 60 offices and 5,000 employees worldwide.

For more information about Heartbeat, contact Jared Watson at or 646.701.6240.